Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Tangle a Day is almost up to date...

Well, this set of calendar tangles was done on pain pills.  I am not sure about how it looks, but the only part I see is that some of the "fill" didn't get exactly all filled in.  But I was working on a lap desk in a lazy boy chair.  The first 3 tangles are new to me but were fun.  Warble is not new to me but I did see that Helen Williams posted something very similar and called it "Sails" so now I am not sure which name is correct.  But that is not so important.  It's a lovely tangle.

The knee surgery recovery is going pretty well.  I am still dosing with pain pills as needed so that I can do the simple exercises required at this point and zipping (zipping being relative of course) around using a walker for support just as a little steadying device.  

I was able to take off bandages and shower today.  And that is always a nice thing after surgery…makes you feel human again!  Nothing like clean hair and a little lipstick again!  My hubby is an attentive nurse and is keeping me hydrated, and making me nice food and bringing me the newspaper and my meds or whatever.  I am getting used to being pampered.  
Stitches come out Monday.  Thanks to all my blogger friends who have sent prayers and well wishes.  It means so much.

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