Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Staining Your Tiles

Tangling on hand-stained tiles.  
Normally, I have NO trouble tangling on transparent wc stained tiles.  For some odd reason I struggled with these two.  I could not get my brown pen to flow evenly on the painted surface.  It could be the pen's problem, not mine.   I'll have to try another pen.  

Or I remember that I was using some white Gouache just before I worked on these two tiles.  And it just could be that I "contaminated" the transparent paint.  It's VERY easy to do if you don't wash the brush well enough.  I think that this could easily be the problem.  So I need to re-stain a few tiles and try again.  I've been encouraging students to stain their tiles doing Renaissance ones because you get intriguing and interesting colors that way.  Not just "tan".  

I like to use combinations of New Gamboge, Indian Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Quin Gold, and any number of yellows.  Keep things as transparent as possible.  

I do like the way these turned out. 
The second tangle is really just a variation on the tangle Chainging that Cherryl Moote put online recently.  It is a concentration tangle but very lovely.  In the top one I used black pearl as "drippings" from the top…again a creative idea shared by another CZT.   

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