Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zentangle Calendar

Moving into mid-November already…this Tangle a Day thing really keeps you mindful of the time.  

We are having great weather in central FL but I know we are getting photos of heavy snow up in Rhinelander, WI area.
OMGosh…Christmas snow if I ever saw it!  All kinds of meetings begging cancelled all over the place up there.
And the cold is amazing too.  NOT that polar vortex thing again?  Gosh.

Hoping to get some studio time this weekend….am working on some watercolors (my sister will be happy) and having quite a time finding several hours at one time to work at it.
Lots of interruptions.  But Greg is off to train show this Sat and that is my big day!!!

I don't do anything amazing like my blog friend Deb Ward (see side bar under blogs I follow).  She is a finalist in a wc competition with thousands of good painters.  I am so excited for her!  

Am getting ready to teach my Zentangle 101 part II class on Friday morning here at the park.  I have 13 signed up so it's a perfect size.  

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