Monday, November 10, 2014

The Monday Morning blues….

Reflections and Yny are two of the newer tangles but the one for Nov 11 (Veteran's Day) is more just allowing whatever tangle happened to come to mind appear.  Wrapped together in a sort of collection of strings and tangles.  Some of Mary Chadsey's wonderful work on the CZT Facebook page has inspired me.  No blog reference has been found for her.  She says "she's thinking about one".  Blogs are not for everyone.  

Today is one of those "too busy" days following a very nice birthday yesterday..many good wishes…thanks to my family friends, bloggers and neighbors.  My girl friend painted a painting of me (to be posted later) as a gift.  Another brought down cupcakes and my sister left a singing birthday wish on my answering machine!  My two youngest grandsons in Illinois (8 and 9) called to sing to me.  I am worn out with love!!!!:-)

So having to come down to reality is really a bummer!  
But the clouds are breaking up this morning.  It will only be 70 which is cool for us but back to 80s tomorrow.  Never mind.  It is snowing back up north at our WI cabin with a high of 27 which keeps that in perspective!!!  

Have a good week everyone.  

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