Saturday, November 8, 2014

Getting back to basics….

Swarm, Warbler, Striping, Footlites, Purk, Bridgen, Zander

This week on the challenge for the Facebook group called Square One we were challenged to use the tangle "Swarm" in anyway we wish as long as it is black, white, and gray, on a 3.5 tile and not meant to look like anything.  In other words…like going back to square one, the way we all learned to do Zentangle.  No color allowed.  No ZIAs.  

So this week I used Margaret Bremner's fun string idea called a "double pencil" string.  She rubberbands two pencils together and draws the string with the two at the same time.

I do a "version" of that where I hold two pencils at slightly different angles in one hand (no rubber band) and then let the string unfold as it may.  I then sometimes tangle over some strings if they don't quite fit with what I am looking for.  It always makes for an unexpected string!!!

And it fits with the "randomness" that Square One is aiming for here.  Although I belong to several Zentangle groups, I must admit that some of the classiest tangles appear in this group.  Keeping to the "elegance of limits" seems to enhance  beautiful work.  

Weather lovely in central FL this week…we are cooler (low 70s for the weekend) and then back to low 80s by mid week.
Beautiful cloudless cerulean skies this morning with gorgeous sunshine brightly shining on my pink hibiscus in bloom in the back yard.  Not much to complain about here! 

We are hosting a big craft fair in the park today so after breakfast I'll take the golf cart down to see it.  I always find gorgeous hand made aprons, Christmas decorations,  jewelry and all kinds of amazing stuff. People are so creative.  Otherwise it is a "white" day on my calendar.  My friend, Peg, says she loves these…white, because nothing is written on it!!!  Yeah!  

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