Thursday, November 6, 2014

Zentangle Calendar for this week

Like everything else in life, you have good "runs" and then not so good.  Zentangle is like that too.  I read that on people's blogs…they have "dry" times when suddenly things are not flowing as well.  And, of course, in Zentangle this is not really so terribly important because it's the "process" and not the "product" here that is the underlying importance.  

I am having a good run right now…everything I tangle seems to have such interesting variations and the very much needed quieting and centering of my soul is there.  This week's calendar and next week's are both pleasing for me to look back on and re-remember doing.  

I have found the 3 Facebook pages I enjoy that are dedicated to Zentangle in one way or another are inspirational and fun and my daughter, Beth,  clued me in to Pinterest which I do not understand at all…except…that there are people who tangle and post there which is fun to see.  

Things are not running real smooth in my personal life right now…preparing for my knee surgery on the 20th of Nov has made doctor visits seem like they are daily (I exaggerate).  But surgery prep PLUS all our 6 months exams together mean at least 3 doctors a week for 3 weeks in a row.  This gets old.  Ya know?  But on the positive side…these are all routine things.  I have much to be very grateful for.  Zentangle reminds me of this.  

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  1. Good luck on that surgery. You can Zentangle all day while you recover!



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