Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A is for Abby

This tangled letter A is done on butcher's paper or package mailing paper...brown.  It's about 10" high.  Done with a fine Sharpie pen, soft graphite, and white charcoal.

I did it to make wrapping paper for my granddaughter Abby's high school graduation present.  Darn it took me several hours to complete.  I got caught up in the fun of it. I and I know when you choose a lot of "fill" that this extends the finish time!  

 I will instruct her NOT to rip into this package!!!  I think it might be worth framing!  I'll give it a light spray of clear acrylic varnish to help hold the white charcoal in place.  

On another note...we are NINE days and counting.
This is until we pull out the driveway here in FL to head for WI.  
We'll be another nine days on the road visiting place and friends.  Attending Abby's graduation at West Chicago high school and then heading north.  Pull in date is Sunday afternoon June 4.   

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, I love the pattern for the crossbar of the A. Actually I love all the patterns you used and the highlights really make this pop. :D