Friday, May 26, 2017

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind...the above is a pecan orchard...miles and miles of them here in GA.  Lovely dark green this time of year.  We know we are still in the south...a few Confederate Flags are still flown here at private residences...usually under an American flag. They have been in the news a lot recently so suddenly I am noticing them more.   

We left our lovely warm palm-filled Florida this morning headed in a meandering fashion toward a graduation in Illinois next Friday and then on June 4 headed all the way to top of Wisconsin (well almost) to spend the remainder of the summer.  So our trails will head into Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois on the way. 

We are watching the weather forecasts and hoping to avoid some of the severe weather we see rolling around the midwest again.

We are in Cordele, GA tonight and Greg is so happy we can now and then hear a train going by...something that makes him smile. 
I find they have a sort of sweet, sad sound.   

Have a good weekend everyone.  Hope to get some sketching done tomorrow.


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