Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial Day Thoughts

A VERY quick little sketch from our morning at Andersonville National Historic Site and Cemetery and Prisoner of War Museum.

It is very hard to put into words the feeling you have in your heart when you see the Boy Scouts of the Andersonville, GA area there in uniform putting out 13,800 flags on the graves of those who died here in extremely sad conditions.  Also there other graves here of soldiers who wish to buried here from other is now 20,000 graves!   

I was totally impressed that many states have donated monuments  to the men who died here. And Wisconsin's is one of the most impressive including the words "Let Us Have Peace".  Amen.

On that same afternoon in Manchester, GA we had a picnic lunch and watched trains!  Trains is something Greg adores and we always try to do something around trains on our trips!  
A unique train spotting location has been built near where many trains come by.  It seems like trains are all around us on this trip.  

We are currently in Arcola, Illinois visiting friends.
And as soon as we settled into the room (Greg to watch the Indy 500) and me to post on my blog...what did we hear but a train go by?

More on the visit to Arcola in another post.
Hope you have a good Memorial Day Weekend.

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  1. Your pages are all fantastic!!! I like what you're doing with the lettering.