Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ordinary made Extra-ordinary just by recording them

"Threading through, in fact floating on top of all this matter, like sea ducks among icebergs, are moments of the ordinary-made-extraordinary by the simple act of choosing and isolating them....I think the journal itself has taught me to revere the ordinary. [ ] Looking back I can always tell by the drawings which moments had taken on that restful luminosity.[  ] As a result I have much more time to notice with's in front of me, and illuminate it with affectionate attention.  [ ] Drawing seems to provide an extra measure of engagement.  Especially the kind of drawing that pulls. you out of yourself, and even off the page, into contemplation of something outside you." Hannah Hinchman

Here I have 10 minutes making the boxed 
Salted Carmel Chocolate Brownies.

And waiting for them to bake the 33 minutes.  If you know where your sketchbook is and things are "available" which is the key...then even these little moments take on a precious "extra-ordinary" quality.  Greg comes in from the model train room to lick the bowl. 

Outside the warm summery Florida afternoon unfolds into the long shadows of pre-dusk.  A familiar duck waddles by to eat at Eunice's oak tree where she throws the corn.  The flag waves listlessly.  Spanish moss sways gently from the lower branches of our pine.  

So this ordinary moment become somehow a little more important rather than just slip sliding away.  

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