Wednesday, May 3, 2017


"It would be nice if this greater awareness of life was a sign of maturity and greater spirituality. The truth is, though, I think I have a greater awareness of every celebration with friends, every Easter, every glorious sunrise means there will be fewer of them.  The stupidity of youth, at least my youth, is that you live life like it will simply go on and on.  It won't, and knowing that is an amazing gift."  Michael Piazza*

You will note that under my blog's title there is a reminder that the soul exists entirely out of "attentiveness".  I truly truly believe that. And it is what Michael is referring to as well.  

This week my friend Sharon Feathers (a former blog-featured artist) sent me the name of a book she likes (and apparently Oprah likes it too).  It is called When God Winks at You by Squire Rushnell.  Written in 2006, it calls you to pay attention (again) in another way by watching for those serendipity moments, those coincidences and chance encounters as they CAN be a "GodWink" a word the author coined aptly to call us to rapt attention.  RAPT attention.  Because we are often missing out like Rev Michael above was when he was a child.  Like most of us do as kids because we haven't got it figured out yet.  

So I became conscious that there were indeed Godwinks taking place in my life this week. A luncheon out with an old friend called me to make good on my on my formerly fuzzy plan to do a "memoir" SOME day.  Things fell together as the days went on to make it quite plain that the "some" day has now arrived.  Little things began to hubby found an old envelope of clippings and photos of my parents early life that I had thought were lost, a poem showed up that I suddenly realized was the opening for my memoir, my sister began writing of childhood memories to help me fill in some gaps AND my eldest daughter read the prologue and immediately sent me scan of a memento that brought back precious moments in my childhood.

Lots of little Godwinks...and perhaps the writing of the memoir itself is a Godwink?  (While I am writing this the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" just starting playing on Pandora!"  How many hints to I have to get?  

*Rev Piazza is senior pastor of Virginia-Highland Church in Atlanta, GA.   

Memories from AA Milne and a reminder that he was 
a delightful pen and ink artist!

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