Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Going Bananas Again

The Diva's challenge last week was "Stripes".
I had a sort of weird time with that prompt.  
I love stripes but my mind wouldn't settle down.  The two examples sort of make that clear...sort of fractured.  

The fact is that we are almost ready to leave FL for the summer season up in the north woods of WI and I am in that weird packing frame of mind where I am not here and not there.  

Most everything that makes me comfortable and happy has been packed up and I can't get at most of it at this point.  Stuff is stacked and packed all over and it makes me edgy and off centered.  My studio is for all purposes now unusable.  

We'll pack the car on Thursday afternoon.  And so I really only have two days to make sure I am not forgetting something that I cannot do without for 5 months!  This rattles my brain even though I have good packing lists and have been doing this for like 10 years!!!  

It's the same every spring and fall as we move back and forth.
Craziness sets in during the last few days.  Thank heavens for Zentangle® as I keep a little kit with my supplies handy when we travel.  It's such a portable art form and it really helps me from GOING BANANAS!  😜

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