Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dingbatz Anyone?

In typography, a "dingbat" is known as a printer's ornament or printer's character.  It is used as a spacer or decorative touch in typesetting.  You've seen them...they come at the beginning of a new chapter, or in a space left at the end of a page, or sometimes actually includes an illuminated letter or a number.  

In Microsoft Word you can find Zaph Dingbats in the font list.
In Apple's Pages you find them under "Symbols".  

Here are seven DINGBATZ (note spelling is changed) that means these are Zentangle® versions of a printer's ornamentation.  Some are  bits of actual tangles, a mono tangle, or tangles with pieces of other tangles also attached.  Up to the artist to design.

I got to thinking about saving these in a little envelope with my memoir notes. They might be fun to add someday.  

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