Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mt. Dora Plant & Garden Fair

What an absolutely gorgeous day to be out photographing people, flowers, tents, and darling wagons of all colors and sizes. Mt. Dora is just a beautiful little town in central Florida (about 30 minutes from Leesburg) and it is right on the shore of Lake Dora. The show is held right down on Simpson Cove on the lake shore. Lovely shore breezes and 85 degree temps and wonderful sunshine! They were totally lucky as I think we have some "weather" approaching us in the Gulf of Mexico that will give us wind warnings on Monday and rain on Tuesday.

I have accepted the challenge of painting one of the town banners (acrylic on canvas) that will hang in town during the 100th birthday of Mt. Dora which is 2010. My banner is to represent the Plant & Garden Show on one side and the Lakes and HIlls Garden Club on the reverse side. So today I took about 100 photographs. OH MY. Such fun to look at them. Designing a banner is something more "commercial" than I am used to doing and I will need to work on composition and design BIG time.

I have included a photo of one of the wagons used to haul around the plants. There were tons of wagons of all colors, shapes and sizes. I think the wagons will be my design theme for at least one side of the banner. I plan to work on the composition/design/drawing this weekend. Check back for updates.

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  1. Love the wagons with plants. There is a beautiful herb farm near here and they also use the wagons. Several years ago I painted a line of wagons - sold it - and then was asked to paint it again! Guess we all identify with the old Radio Flyer wagons from our youth. Good luck on the banner. I also think that croton photo begs to be painted with the miskit pouring technique!!!!!