Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natchez Trace

Smooth sailing in our holiday travel so far. I am posting this from Paducah, KY this morning where it is sunny and chilly (40 degrees). We spent yesterday in TN driving north from FL to IL for Thanksgiving with family. We discovered the Natches Trace!!! Have you driven it? Wow. We got lucky with some sunshine and 60 degree temps. We picked it up near Colbert's Ferry, Alabama and then drove 150 miles north from there toward Nashville. So we have a lot to explore south of there some other day.

Lots and lots of fantastic history along this trail and even though it's too late in the season for much still was very pretty with some leaves still clinging on in shades of vermillion and scarlet lake and aliz and then a bright gamboge yellow tree would jump out and delight our eyes. We stopped to watch tumbling little brooks with waterfalls that would not have been visable if the leaves were still on. Serendipity. Among other historic facts about this "trace", Meriwether Lewis died along this trail when he was only 35 years old and we stopped to visit his grave site. I did a little journal entry here while we ate a picnic lunch under some cedar trees. We should get to West Chicago for our holiday tonight and I am in charge of baking THREE pies tomorrow morning!!! Happy Turkey Day.


  1. The Natchez Trace Parkway is a jewel that many people have yet to discover. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Alabama and Tennessee section of the Trace. For those interested in this national parkway check out: for tons of pictures, information and maps.

  2. Hi IS absolutely an amazing discovery to find this. We travel this way often going back and forth to WI from FL and we just discovered what a delight it is. Can't wait to see it spring with the wildflowers! No traffic and no stop lights. We love it. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I did a small sketch on the parkway that I'll post next week.



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