Monday, September 12, 2011

75 Day sketching Challenge: Day 30 30. How did THAT happen?
Turns out drawing takes practice! Blah.
Here I thought there was a magic pill if I could just find it!

Lots of things wrong with this sketch but when you start in ink...boy you are committed! You see all the mistakes as you go along. What I think might be fun would be to get some tracing paper and re-draw it making the corrections. Then I would add watercolor to that second drawing. That would be fun.

We are 9 days and counting now until we leave the north woods cabin and head for the hills. (literally). We'll spend about 10 days in southern WI visiting old friends and family and attending my 50th college reunion at Beloit College and then we'll head toward Peaks of Otter where we have reservations in Bedford, VA on Oct 5 in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We will visit a train museum (for my hubby) in Roanke, VA on the 6th and then spend two days with my sister and her hubby in York, SC. Home to FL on Oct 10.

This is our PT cruiser. They don't make these anymore! boo hoo. So when we start looking at cars again this next spring...we'll have to think of something else. With are thinking about a Chevy Equinox. Anyone have one of those?

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