Thursday, September 1, 2011

Painting my Christmas Card

I always seems nutso but I do my Christmas card every year around Labor Day weekend. And the printer says that I am not the only one!

I have this really good printer up here in Minocqua, WI that I like a lot.
And I love having it all done when I get to Florida!!! I often "start off" my Christmas letter too and just save it on the hard drive because often I find I want to revise or add some things before I run that off and send...usually just after Thanksgiving.

This is watercolor and ink on 140# Arches.
The photo reference is a stained glass window in a little German church in Illinois.
I loved the little angel. You can't read it but I wrote "Peace" in the little rectangle at the bottom. The picture might be better if enlarged it by clicking on it.

I used salt in some place to get some of the bubbly textures.
It is not a big painting...the window is about 15" high.
It'll be a bit of challenge to get the linear shape onto a standard size greeting card but we'll figure it out.

Gorgeous warm day in the north woods of WI but we have a lot of rain and cold coming from somewhere and so we are sort of thinking that this might be the last day of summer for us. Out come the sweaters now!

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