Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sassy Sketchers

Nothin' more fun that a group of artists out to lunch. Here we are at the Minocqua Brewery.

Let to right: Leslie Johnson, Susan Lansdown, me, Judy Tuhy, and Joan Stevens. The 5 Sassy Sketchers of the North woods 75 Day Sketching Challenge! It was a farewell luncheon for the snowbirds (the 3 of us to right are the snowbirds). Susan and Leslie plan to sketch snow scenes from their hot tub. The the other three will be sketching palm trees by the pool. We intend to keep in touch and so you'll be seeing those sketches down the road a piece.

Speaking of winter... we all woke up to 38 degrees this morning with a wind chill! Note that we are all wearing sweaters!!! Greg and I have our fireplace merrily burning tonight. Boy does that ever feel cozy!!! We'll be 32 tonight and 29 tomorrow for lows!!! I am totally thinking of Florida now!

One last photo of this silly PT cruiser. Not so much for the framing as for the matting. I wanted to put the painting out for show and tell at the meeting and so I just stuck it into an old frame and mat. Hint: the mat was pre-cut for another painting and it was brown and very faded. I just painted the mat with a coat of blue acrylic paint and dried it with a hair dryer. mat that looks like new.

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