Friday, September 16, 2011

Watercolor on Masa Paper

One last little project for the studio before I pack up for Florida....

I am teaching a class in Florida on Oct 24 using masa paper and watercolor. I wanted to do a little demo first and be sure that I remembered what supplies are needed for this project.

I thought it might be neat to ask you bloggers out there if you have done a similar project and have any new hints for ways you have adapted this.

I put the photos in sequence on this one. Materials first...140# cold or hot press paper (not rough), masa paper in about the same size as the wc paper, old brush for glue, YES glue, and a small brayer or roller. Tape the wc paper down on all 4 sides. (note you can substitute Elmer's white glue watered down slightly to a creamy mixture.)

Then crumple the masa paper up (note the X on one corner.) You need to mark the rough side of the paper with an X first. After you wet it, you will no idea which side is which. I glue the slick side down, rough side up.

After crumbling you thoroughly WET the paper. Then squeeze out all the excess and glue the masa to the wc paper with YES glue. You will then use the brayer starting in the center to smooth the paper out over the wc paper.

I suggest picking a photo of something very simple with simple shapes. I use a hair dryer to dry MOST of the paper...leaving it slightly damp for the first application. You can leave it overnight and then just spray the papers again to dampen the surface. Getting it completely dry first allows you to do some drawing on the masa. It must be totally dry for any pencil marks to show up. I did not use any pencil on this sample.

I like colors to spread out in lovely bleeds for the first wash of color.

One thing I did forget since the last time I did one was that darker colors show up the masa textures best. Next time I'd do the watering can in a darker color. I am using a #12 Dreamcatcher brush (round) for first washes.

See how the wonderful texture shows up on the dark blue stripes in the background? This would have been so much more effective with a darker watering can. That is what you want to feature.

I'd suggest that you make up 5 or 6 small pieces of this textured ground and then experiment with lots of different subjects on it. Very fun.

The folks who signed up for my class will get a preview this way of what we are going to do!!!

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