Monday, September 5, 2011


Don't you just love it when something fun just clicks. I got the neatest email this morning from someone I did not know.

It had to do with a sketch I made of some folks on Siesta Key beach back in January of 2002.
A little sketch I'd completely forgotten about until now.

The man in the sketch (Steve Humes) and his wife saw me sketching them and asked to buy the sketch. (I did not know his name then.)
And now, because I remembered to sign the sketch, he must have googled my name and found my email address and he wants permission to use the sketch on the cover of his new CD. Is that not cool or what? So I get his email this morning about this! I will be sure to include info about the CD on a later's not ready for sale yet.
So be sure to sign your sketches! And ya just never know what might happen! :-)

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  1. Ginny, that is a wonderful story. Good for you.
    Diane Nelson