Saturday, September 17, 2011

Approaching Masa Paper & WC in a slightly different Way

I meant to put these in proper order from start to finish, but see that I reversed them. Sigh. One of those days.

So you will need to go down to the 4th picture which is the first picture and "read up". See what I mean?

Step 4: I added colors for the flowers using only mixtures of that same triad I started with.

Step three: I remembered that I wanted the watering can a dark color to emphasize the pattern in the paper and so I used turquoise pretty much straight for the can (note bleeding which takes place naturally with this rice paper). I tried to remember to use some value changes as I painted because it is almost impossible to lift once it is try.

Step Two: Using pencil, I transferred the ink drawing to the masa paper (using a light box). Using the triad of colors I chose: raw sienna, winsor newton red, and turquoise, I re-wet the masa paper with a wide brush (very gently). I might have used a misting bottle as well. Holding the paper upright and letting the colors blend. Yellow first, then red, then blue.

Dry throughly (see hair dryer in photo.)

Step One: Same photo as yesterday's post only this time I actually drew out the subject matter (in much smaller scale...about 1/8th of sheet of wc paper). It was drawn in ink on a sheet of drawing paper. (I guess I could have counted this as my sketch for the 75 day challenge, couldn't I?)

Then I also played with a few triads of color for the painting on a strip of wc paper below.

I prepared the masa paper as in yesterday's post, crinkling, wetting, glueing and then letting it dry overnight.

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  1. Good technique; haven't used Masa for a while, but maybe you will inspire me. Good luck on the class.