Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Having a little fun with the Sketching

I mentioned in one post how much fun it would be to trace a sketch and then add the color. I traced my PT cruiser onto 140 # rough watercolor paper and just had a little fun playing with the image.

My hubby said more slant to the front window frame and larger back tire. I attempted to make those two corrections.

The changes in value in the paint may be distracting...I haven't decided. It was my attempt to "infer" some changes in lighting outside against the "marine" blue car. I always want to drop in colors into large wash areas...a little purple in this case.

One thing I learned, painting from a black and white sketch and with no photo ref is that you don't remember all the colors or shading. I did the tail light wrong. It is actually red with a white dot in the middle, for instance. In many cases it makes no difference but if you wanted it accurate it would matter. I am tempted to add in some background color now...a few trees in the drive way or maybe even the cabin in the background? No time for that right now what with 8 days left to pack up here.

But it is sometimes fun to have a little sketch of something you like that you won't have forever...like a car. I did a nice little sketch of our last RV and we framed it and we love looking at that! Memories!

I remember that J.Hicks has little notes all over her sketches making references to colors. She also takes a photo but sometimes her notes are more accurate. And I think she also makes "idea changes" as she writes her notes such as "why not change first building to crimson". Etc.

Welcome to my friend, Marlene, in Florida who just started the Sketch Challenge too! Now I'll have someone to go out to lunch with in Florida!

(J.Hicks is one of my followed blogs off to the right side of my posts.) She is so generous about putting her sketch and her photo on beside her painting. That is a tremendous help.

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