Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bijou book, anyone?

This is darling tiny book...about 2.5" x 3".
I found it at Janke Bookstore in Wausau, WI after I taught Zentangle on Thursday.

What a darling store!!!!

Called "Paper Blanks" by Playful Creations the book ran $7.95.
This particular book is called "Sweet Friend Micro"...unlined, Smythe-sewn binding, Acid free paper

To me it seemed perfect for Bijou journaling and trying out various tangles.
Bijou tiles are the newest tiles from" tiles with a darling story behind them. CZT 14 and 15 have been waiting for the big roll out of this product which happened this week. Everyone is excited to begin tangling with them!!!!

Bijou means "jewel" in French.

More to come on them!

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