Saturday, August 23, 2014

Calendar Catch Up

Been trying to  keep up as usual.  Even a day ahead…but then I get busy and a day or two slips away.  Still I am keeping up.  

One tangle as no name as I have not found the name for it yet.  Someone posted it new and then after I copied it I realized if the name was given, I'd forgotten to write it down.  Darn.  Hopefully when I post it to the CZT FB page someone will recognize it.

I am LOVING "Trio".  What do you think Roberta?  Would you like to learn that one?  It as so many possibilities and I think could work on Renaissance Tiles too.  B'Dylan does not follow the rule of not looking like something.  But there are a number of organic tangles that are floral like "cat-kin" and they are still considered okay.  So we sort of have a thin line we cross back and forth over for that.  

The gold one in the last square was watercolored before tangled.  Note Helen loves to use "screws" on her tangles.  Can you find them?  

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