Friday, August 22, 2014

Zentangle Challenge: Water

Mooka and Yew-Dee Well

Water is our theme for the week and this is by far one of the wackiest interpretations of the theme I've probably ever done.  One of those "let it just happen" tiles.  

I love Yew-Dee Well and I use it often and I thought of it as "wave action" when I started but like a true Zentangle had NO idea where I was going with it.  It just seemed to wave up and spill over at the top.

Where Mooka came from I have no idea.  But it sure is getting wet.  I think of Mooka as organic plant-like tangle.  

I wanted to do this challenge without resorting to color…I am guessing there will be a ton of blue and green tiles this week.
However this might look better with some colored pencil. I may reconsider.   


  1. I like the way it seems to be raining, or splashing, from the top. Nice tile

  2. I also love the splash at the top! Love it when they just take on a mind of their own!

  3. Very fun tile, your tangles speak beautifully to you!

  4. This is so fun! I love the sprinkler effect as well!