Saturday, August 2, 2014

Zentangle Calender Aug 3

Meringue and A-Fog just out on Linda Farmer's blog.
I really like them both. Very fun. Keepers.

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I am spending a relaxing day in Fontana in southern, WI.
My younger daughter stayed until after lunch and then left to back north to Madison. Hubby is off with his son at the Union Grove Drag racing track father/son bonding over noise and grease and the smell of burned rubber.

Things are summery and beautiful here.
I am out on the deck some, reading curled under the shade umbrella in the 80 degree day.

Just finished up two back to back teaching classes of Zentangle which was totally fun and helpful to have Julie with me to critique different ideas. Now I can get supplies reorganized. I have a "gig" for Aug 12 but don't know yet if I have enough signed up to make this a "go". I should know by mid week how sign ups are going. Have 11 signed up for Sept 3rd so that one is a go.

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