Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Zentangle Calendar…coming to a close on month Nine.

It's been quite a ride Jan 1 to August 12 without missing by more than a day or two and then catching up again.  Discipline?  Habit?  Daily meditation?  

My one regret is that Carole Ohl has stopped posting on her blog Open Seeds (she created this calendar) and I know I am not alone in missing her.

Margaret says that Carole is busy with her Bead Store and I did look at that web site.  I am not much into beads so that wasn't so interesting to me.  Anyway, no one seems to be communicating with Carole.  I leave messages and comments for her here and there to let her know how much her Zentangle friends miss her.  

Incidentally my Sept 3 class is FULL (see side bar) and I am starting a wait list for that and encouraging folks to consider the Rhinelander class Sept 15 instead.  It may not be as "convenient" for some folks from this area.  But it's a nice shopping town and people could combine lunch and shopping with the class!  We'll see.  

ps it took some time to figure out the variation on Fiore on Aug 12th calendar above…but it is kind of cool once you get the hang of it.  

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