Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Having a little fun with Zentangle...

Making birthday cards for my grandkids and keeping them fresh is a challenge (I have 12 grands from 7 to 24 years old!).  MOST of them were born in the summer and I seem to be making cards every week!

Trying to have some "fun" with a teenager is a REAL challenge.  I found this cute "newspaper stamp" at a garage sale for $1.  I printed it on a 4 x 6 blank greeting card.  

Then I used "Twinkling H2o" paints for the color and let dry and I tangled over that with an Apprentice Pen.  
I wanted to see if I could get Marasu to look good in another color besides just a Renaissance tile!  I think it looks pretty cool!  

The check for the grandchild is inside and so I tried to think of someway to tie the design to the "not-so-immense" check inside.  Hahaha.  

One down, 11 to go.  

My two classes taught this past week were totally fun.  I'll post some photos.  Great people and my daughter Julie (CZT from Madison) came down to teach with me in one class.  THAT is fun.  

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