Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wildly Diversify

Box cover (Kraft box) about 6 x 8" with sliding drawer
black and brown ink, white charcoal

iPad cover (gray rubber) done with black Identi-Pen by Sakura

earrings (wood) and ceramic cat pin

We've had company at the north woods cabin over the last week…but now and again, things would quiet down and the kids would all go out fishing and I'd have a few moments to slip into the studio.  Skies have been gray 4 out of 5 days (although not as cold as usual) and so sunning on the deck was only available one day last week.

CZT friends on Facebook have been talking about crazy things like doing Zentangle on your iPad cover. 
And I began to wonder why THAT had never occurred to me.  (Any flat surface is vulnerable.)
But wow, was that a difficult surface to master…that rubbery finish did not take kindly to ink.  Identi-pens are a permanent ink with a thicker nub on it and that was about the only pen that would work.  I tried a little shading with a Pentel gray brush pen which turned out to be the only "gray" pen I possess here. It was only moderately successful.  I think up on the top I may do some lettering later. 

The kraft type box was a gift at CZT training and actually contained a sketchbook.  But everyone there liked the box too and Molly Hollibaugh (Maria's daughter) gave us some examples of how she tangled her box and we were all consumed with trying it too.  Despite the empty space on the box, I think I am done.  Space is good when tangles are complicated.

And the jewelry is just 25 cent garage sale jewelry I picked up at a garage sale recently.  I painted them all with black gesso and then tangled with white jellyroll pen.  I will give them all a light spray of matt  acrylic and then probably the jewelry will get a gloss coat of gel on top of that.  

After all the company takes off on the 24th of August I hope to settle down and prep for several Zentangle classes I have coming up.  Hubby and I are now beginning to make our travel plans for the southern trip.  We plan a week in southern WI before we actually start the major trek east and south.  Seems like we just got the cabin open and now we have to think about closing.  ARRRGH.  

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