Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diva Challenge: Striping

Krinkle, Brabs, Coaster, Hearts Divdided, Knightsbridge

Okay…always time for a few little stripes.
Laura is posting on FB that she is doing birch bowls.
How this woman finds time to sleep is way way beyond me.  And everything she does is pretty awesome too!  Runs the challenge, is wife and mother of two busy little boys, AND makes birch bowls…it's amazing.

I am prepping for teaching a big Zentangle group on Sept 3 (see side bar).  I have 17 signed up for the class.  Whew.  Lots of materials to get ready!!!  The Rhinelander class looks like a "go" too on September 15th although I do have more space in that class!

Cool front just hit the north woods again…back to autumn.  We are rolling into our last month now with so so many things on the September calendar. 

We are beginning to plan our fall trip east and south now thinking of dates and stop over points.  We take like 3 weeks from start to finish because we just like to sight see and play along the way.  Have a good week everyone…we are headed to Labor Day weekend already!!!


  1. Ahh, love the 'knots' in the corners!
    (Thanks for getting after me on the Tangled Kindness Project blog!)

  2. love the roundness of your stripes and the little windows in them

  3. Great 3D stripes and wonderful manipulation of your tangles around the forms. Love it.

  4. Like Amy, I like the knots in the corners!

  5. Wonderful tile! Like this 3D effect of your stripes!

  6. Nice effects. I like the keyholes/windows in your stripes.