Saturday, August 9, 2014

Diva's Challenge: Bijou


The Diva's Challenge is to do a Bijou tile for this week.  Since I was at CZT15 with Laura in June…I've been tangling Bijou all summer!!!  Just have fallen in love with them.  (I had NO idea she had interviewed him, however!)  

I am presenting this one on top of a Bijou  "presentation folder" which is folded according to the book All Tangled Up by Cherryl Moote.  You have to change the measurements slightly for this tile.  If you follow my blog you will see more samples of the folder on previous blog posts.  This one done with deli paper painted on a gelli plate.  


  1. Fun tile and I love the holder!

  2. Wonderful Bijou tile ... the folder is lovely!

  3. Lovely tile and great folder. Love being able to find things to do with gelli prints.