Thursday, August 14, 2014

Diva's Challenge: MacDee

A blanket is just what MacDee looks like to me.  And here in the north woods on August 13th we had the first mention of the "f" word on the weather last night.  Yes, that is right "FROST" 

Temps in Land o Lakes, WI just 1 hour north of us were down to 42 already at 10 pm news time.  Yikes.
I slept in to after 7 this morning and it was bout 48 degrees when I woke up…so I don't know if WE had frost or not here in Lac du Flambeau…but temps are supposed to start moderating for the week…a bit anyway.  
But anyway, drawing MacDee inspired a blanket for sure!!!!  This is pretty early for frost here although we often have warnings before Labor Day and that is like 3 weeks away.  I am in total denial of the end of summer.  Yet all the grandkids are getting ready for school again, starting football practice and sports teams again, and we do have some color starting in the trees up here.  Like my hubby says…4th of July is summer and then we get autumn.  ARRRGH.

Ballace is way complicated but in a way it has a sort of delightful lace-like look.  This is a "variation" of the main tangle, of course.  

I am baking a cake for the church pot luck tonight.  Great day for baking.  The sun is shining and by noon it was up to 60.  Still brisk but pretty.  


  1. Very pretty and I love how you wrapped the end of the blanket around the 1. Can't believe its already starting to have those fall temps in the morn. We had cooler weather to this morn in MN. but not quite that cool.

  2. I like your MacDee and love the detail on the '1'. Like you I like to deny the fact that we are slowly (no, much too fast) moving towards autumn.