Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Diva Challenge: Frunky

At the 9'clock position on this round tangle string you will find Frunky which is the challenge tangle for the Diva this week. It has a sort of candy cane shape tied together with stripes.  I wasn't sure I liked it, but it has potential.  

Over large 9" square tile on Fabriano hot press paper tinted with watercolor: quin gold, rose, and burnt Sienna.  So about an inch smaller than an Opus tile.  This is one of those "ongoing" tiles you can just lay near the pens and pencils and work at it when you feel like it.  

Renaissance tiles have a sort of warm feel about them...this is the Diva's 310th challenge.  Can you even imagine?  She uses guest tangles challenges now and then but she does a lot of them herself and she almost always posts her own tile.  

Been raining in central FL now for about 5 hours straight.  THAT is such good news.  We are so dry.