Sunday, April 2, 2017

Zentangle®...going with the flow...

Got inspired this week by a beautiful piece of work I saw by Ginny Lu on the CZT website.  It was on a square renaissance tile in the Opus size (10" square) and it gave me such encouragement that maybe I should be working on something besides calendar formats. 

I decided to start a little smaller (9" square) on Fabriano Hot Press paper.  Using brown and black .01 Sakura Micron pens.  

The round format is certainly not the only way to go but it felt right for the first piece.  I used a mixture of burnt Sienna, rose, and quin gold watercolor to tint the paper first.  I drew the circles with a compass and then am just letting my intuition flow...whatever comes to mind.  

Expect that this will sit on the side of my desk and be a little meditative thing I do now and then until it's done.  

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