Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Anne Lamott

Happy Birthday Anne Lamott

There's a wonderful little bio about Anne on Garrison Keillor's blog this morning honoring her.  It's hard to cover Anne's life in a paragraph.  You can read that here.  I've never linked that blog so I hope it works.  Anyway it's Writer's Almanac for April 10.  You can subscribe to it and highly recommend you do.  

Each time I read a review about her I am totally amazed that MY favorite of her books is rarely mentioned...Traveling Mercies.  That book is a way to get to know the first part of her journey to sanity.  Pick up a copy and get to know her if you don't already.  

She has a Facebook page that I follow.  You can find her essays there and she writes fairly often.   Her latest book is being advertised now called Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy.  
I will look for it as "mercy" is a word that touches that other word "grace" that mystifies us but holds us together.  

I was watching a video of her being interviewed about her newest book and was shocked to see that like everyone else, Annie is growing older.  She is, after all, a grandmother now.  But she's only 63.  Still the photos on the book jackets are changing just like we are all changing.  Showing some "experience" in our faces?  Of course I am suddenly noticing my own children are too...even a few gray hairs here and there now among them.  So don't get me started on that "getting older" theme again.

Anne has a way with seeing what is really happening and giving us a thread of hope.  "Laughter is carbonated holiness" she says.  Stuff like that that makes you smile through tears.  She says on her new book tour that her "audiences are the most stricken, sad, worried stunned people she has ever spoken to."  

What I really wanted to do was just honor Anne's birthday, give her a thumbs up for her creative and intelligent writing, her thoughts about being a Christian, about family, coping with life in general...especially now when we are all suffering post traumatic syndrome.

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