Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Urban Sketching in Leesburg

The iconic city hall clock in downtown Leesburg at almost 11 am.
We had a nice bunch of friendly urban sketchers out this morning.
Gorgeous weather...85 and nice breeze.

This was my first sketch on location this morning about 9-10:30.
this is the corner of 3rd and Main Street in front of God's Cafe.
I am sketching in a 9 x 11 Strathmore multi media sketch pad.

Then I went and picked up my painting from the Leesburg Show.

6 of us went out for lunch at Bloom's after sketching.  THAT was fun.

There will be some sketching on Friday morning too by Venetian Gardens again.  If I go I will remember to wear socks (last time the fire ants got me through my sandals!). Ugh.

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