Sunday, April 9, 2017

Finding a Title for my ZIA

This piece is 9" square.  I am thinking of framing it.  I'd like to give it a title.  Does anyone have an idea for me?

It is in ink (Sakura 01 micron) and white charcoal on Fabriano hot press wc paper tinted with watercolor.  This ZIA (Zentangle® Inspired Art) is not really a Zendala to my mind.  To me Zendalas have more repetition.  This is very free-form.  

In my own mind it reminds me of an old papyrus scroll perhaps with a hidden map in it somewhere or a secret message.  A gift perhaps to an Egyptian princess set with a gem from a mysterious admirer.  

Or perhaps an ancient calendar of some sort with fantasy symbols depicting prayers or poetry.  

A title should allude to possible clues for the viewer without really saying anything too any of these strike your fancy?

"The Lute's Music"
"Ancient Fantasy"
"Lost Wisdom"
"Hieroglyphics with Gem"
"Secret Song"
"Veiled Mystery"
"The Journey Ends"


  1. No title but - - - this is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It must have taken quite a while to finish it.

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  3. Like most art, it is hard to quantify how long something takes. Especially something like this as it gets picked up and put down when moments are provided for it. I can sort of guess it might have taken 7 or 8 hours all told. But done in snippets of 30 - 40 minutes at a time.
    I can hardly wait to start another one.