Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sharon Feathers: artist and special friend

Sometime you meet someone and there is that immediate sense of happy coincidence and connection.  It is probably partly because Sharon and I are both retired kindergarten teachers!  And teachers of very young children are experienced in delight and keeping the joy of the moment.  Sharon's art reflects that...she has a sense of fun and a little bit of humor and at the same time a reflective sense of a life of experiences.  

Where's Mom
When Sharon sent me a photo of this current work (a challenge piece that had to be 75% recycled)...I just fell in love with it.  The little owl is colored pencil peeking out of an old birdhouse that Sharon found in her husband's woodpile.  I hope it wins an award!  So then I asked her to send me a few more pieces she likes and a short I could share her with you.

Sharon Feathers graduated from UW Stevens Point with a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, a bachelor of science degree and a minor in art.  

Retirement has given her the time to pursue her interest in art, to take beautiful photographs and to use many for her references in painting....always looking for that "found" moment to capture.

She says that photography is her favorite medium but she works in acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, pastel and colored pencil.  
Her work is found in galleries and exhibits in Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona.  She has received many awards and honors.  

Sharon's art is shown throughout Wausau area and in many galleries in Minocqua, WI as well.  (And in looking back I just noted that with someone who's name is "Feathers" she seems to have a special connection with birds, wouldn't you say?)

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  1. Sharon is such a talented and fun-loving person. I really enjoyed your post about her - and about the Feathers/Birds connection.