Friday, April 21, 2017

Have a little Zen with your coffee?

The challenge this week on the Diva's blog was to put a bit of coffee or tea or wine "blob" on your tile and let it infer what should be done with it.  

Blob fun always invokes the issue of finding shapes in the shapes.
I tried to avoid that.  Just turned it round and round (this is coffee by the way) and enjoyed the zen of it.  

The blob, by the way was put on with a pipette rather than just splashed on which gave some interests changes in value as parts dried faster than others.  

This is a standard 3.5" square tile.


  1. I do like the 'blob' here. The tile is beautiful!

  2. Such fun, I'm smiling at all the quirky ins and outs. Love it!!

  3. Now, this get me athinking. Is this what parachuters call spill holes? Nice tile for sure...whatever the holes.

  4. I love how you wound your tangles through the "blob"! Fun piece!