Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sea Plane A Palooza sketching

Who knew there were SO many different kinds of sea planes!!!

This is my hour long sketch at the Sea Plane Fly In this morning in Tavares, Florida.  And the whole event turned out to be a surprise.

This was supposed to be on the regular list of Urban Sketchers in our area (I call them the Fly-By-Night Sketchers) We ended up posting a cancellation as we thought maybe this was not going to work out (due to heat, # of visitors, and parking). None of these turned out to be a problem (other than the heat).  

Hubby and I had an errand that had to be run at 9:45 am this morning SO we thought why not just keep going and see what the event looked like.  

The parking (at 10 am) was not all the bad and we only had to walk a half a block.  There was not the HUGE crowd I expected there..just a modest amount of people.  And tons of interesting planes.   So we walked a bit and I did the sketch and then we had a very nice outdoor lunch at the Kalua Beach Bar right on Dora Lake.
I did a tiny sketch there too which I'll post later.

So this sketch was for my first inclusion in the "Moment Catchers" challenge posted the first weekend of each month.

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