Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almost Home to Florida

Cold wind.
The day is waiting for winter
Without a sound.
Everything is waiting—
Broken-down cars in the dead weeds.
The weeds themselves.
Even sunlight
Is in no hurry and stays
For a long time
On each cornstalk.
Blackbirds are silent
And sit in piles.
From a distance
They look like
Spilled on the road. 

"Autumn Waiting" by Tom Hennen, from Looking into the Weather

We are winding up our time now in "chilly" South Carolina.  We have just about managed to keep up with the rain and cold moving across the Ohio Valley and heading south during our whole trip.  Even Fl dropped 20 degrees waiting for us!  :-)  But alas, temps there are to return to near normal 80s on Tuesday so we are not too worried...although it does look as though rain will follow us again!!!  Sigh.  We are, however, wonderfully relaxed and full of good southern cooking and sweet tea (the REAL sweet tea).  Hopefully by this time tomorrow we'll be rolling into our driveway in Leesburg!  

I spent a few hours yesterday finishing up my trip journal.  There are fewer pages than I planned but we have had a good trip and it was fun to look back.  It's hard to believe we did all that since we left the cabin on Oct 2!!!  We just had photos from our friends in Pound, WI showing several inches of the white stuff on the ground there!  We left just in time.

Seventeen days out of a suitcase, however, is a little over the top for me!!  Hoping to have some photos on my blog by Tuesday if Embarq phone held up their end of the bargain and got my DSL hooked up again!  

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