Monday, October 26, 2009

Donne Bitner demo at Leesburg Art League Meeting

Donne is an instructor at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida. She teaches watercolor, monotypes, and experimental acrylics. She is holding up the support for her recent series of paintings which is nicely made box, well finished off. She turns this over, gessos the flat side and paints on it. An example of a finished piece is in her hands. She uses all kinds of textures in her work and does a lot of stamping into the work as she goes along as demonstrated on the first piece above which is just a lot of different stamping tools and stencils (acrylic). She used both traditional thicker acrylics as well as fluid and uses white and black gesso. Donne says that she sometimes has a theme she works with before she starts but sometimes the painting insinuates itself as she moves along.
She did a demo/talk at the regular meeting on Saturday October 24.

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  1. Hi Ginny - I am running behind in my comments...I think this demonstration looks very interesting - i like how she paints on those boxes - the only problem would be getting those boxes made, Eh? The stamping is intriguing.