Friday, February 1, 2013

30 Day Challenge Day 30 (late)

I admit that I "fell off the wagon" on the last 3 days of the challenge.  Art work got done...but time on time to get posted.  Blah.  I did pretty well up to day 25!  Then life got ahead of art!  Oh well.  

I am continuing on with the Valentine project and so I posted some of them for my last day of the challenge.
These Zentangle-Inspired-Art Valentines have just been all I can handle the past few days!  

We are busy planning a 5 day auto-train trip from Sanford, FL to Virginia.  Lots of last minute details to get done.  (It'll be in March when hopefully the weather in the Washington/VA area will moderate!!!!).  We are hoping to see some spring!?  

Here in Fl we range around 75 most days early in Feb and then by March we start getting into the 80s and by April to the 90s!  A happy time of year.  

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