Saturday, February 23, 2013

Don Getz Demo

Don demonstrates his "position" for the first ink sketches that he does on location.  Tilted up on his knee in order to get the perspective correct. 
He then drops his sketchbook down to a flat position on his knees to add watercolor washes.   Light washes of color and not too watery.  He carries a bag (similar to Brenda Swenson's) with his supplies.  

Don is traveling around the US doing demos and sponsored by Cheap Joe's Art Supplies.

He did a demo for the Leesburg, FLorida Art League today.  Just marvelous!  So enjoyable.  You can read more about his trip around the US here.  He squeezed us in after Winter Haven, FL.  

He also has a website and a blog. You will see a lot more examples of his fabulous travel journals on these sites.  

A few notes from the demo...he says he used to use an identi-pen for sketching.  But now he uses Sakura Micron Pigma pens (just like all the Zentangler's use).  Same pens.  He also likes to do some sketching with a china pen (which I found interesting). He does not usually add color to those.  

He shows his palette which is a converted Russian Yarka watercolor palette with the paint removed and his own American Journey paint squeezed in.  I seriously doubt that the palette is all that should be one that is fairly small..has about 12-18 places for your tube paint to be squeezed in.  Brenda Swenson uses a Heritage folding palette with a lid that seals.  I have used that too for quite a few years.  Reasonable priced and sturdy and has a lift out mixing tray too.  

Hint: He suggested using only distilled water.  I have heard that before too.  You will never get mold on your paints if you do.  He mixes his colors on his paper. (He likes Cheap Joe's journals...I wonder why?)  I find them pricey but they are very nice.  

He always draws with his pen first (no sketches in pencil) who, like Brenda, believes this helps to make you draw better and keeps your sketches fresh.  He does sometimes add a little ink line here or there after the paint is dry.  

One of Cheap Joe's gray paints is named Getz Gray (I have some) and it is a lovely pre-mixed gray that can be added to any color to achieve a new tint.  He also like an American Journey colors called "Tangerine" and "Sky Blue".    

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