Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yoga for the Brain and for the Feet

Have you ever walked a Labyrinth?  Prayer in Motion is how some people describe it.  If you have followed my blog long enough you have seen photos of the labyrinth that my daughter built at our north woods cabin.  Having a "personal" one to use is an amazing piece of grace!  

Our church in FL has been wanting one.  But with an "older" congregation and limited funding, designing one was a real challenge!  It needed to be maintenance free and handicapped accessible!  Wow. We have plenty of space and a beautiful woods around our church.  But who will rake it, and how would people with canes, walkers, and sometimes a wheel chair be able to use it?  

So we are trying something VERY unconventional.  The labyrinth as been designed in overlapping sets of figure eights and painted on a piece of our winding blacktop driveway with it's "centering spot" in a little area where we already have benches.  The entrance and exit will have this little "folder-holder" as I call it on a 4' pole near the start/exit.  In it will be the directions for walking any labyrinth (in case the person is new to it) and a little map showing how the stepping stones (color coded) have been painted onto the blacktop.  

The little box was built by a church member and I painted it this week. I used "oil-paint markers" for the design.  I still have to clear coat it.  The top lifts up on hinges so that folders can be put inside.  They will be laminated for moisture protection.  I will try to take a photo when this gets installed.  This Sunday the labyrinth will be blessed.

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