Friday, February 15, 2013

Quandary: A new tangle

Quandary (v), Auraknot, Hollibaugh (v), Perfs

Whenever Maria puts out a new tangle, everyone on the Zentangle "circuit" gets wild and crazy like immediately!  Hahaha.  So here is Maria's Quandary tangle (my version).  Well, it's actually HER interpretation!  She says they remind her of little pieces of rice.  She does her "randomly" without gridding.  HA.  I noticed Linda Farmer and I both had the same reaction to that.  Huh?  I had to grid mine (with triangle grids) to get the spacing right.  If anyone wants me to show how I drew the grids I can add that later.  Anyway, I kind of like this tangle!  

I am also creatively plagiarizing Maria's version of Hollibaugh with the ribbons.  I wanted to see if I could practice the illusion of roundness that she does so well.  It's not nearly as good as her's but I am getting better.  Some one online also combined Auraknot with Betweed and I LOVED that.  

Rainy and cool in central Florida through the weekend.  But we SURE needed the rain so badly that it's hard to get cranky about it.  Temps on Sunday will be downright CHILLY for this time of year.  But right back to 80 by Tuesday.  Not to worry.  I keep forgetting to post the photo of Lian Quan Zhen's demo.  I'll try to get on that this week.
He was amazing! 


  1. Very nice! A demo would be welcome. I got lost on mine and ended up with something quite different. The tip with the triangles is what I should have had before starting!

    1. It's me again to thank you for sending me the great drawing. I've put on my doodledares blog (see Faith2). I hope that's OK with you!

  2. I also penciled in a grid when I did mine. I'm just not good at judging the lengths of the strokes without a grid of some sort. Your ZIA is great. Looks like the Quandry is trying to lace up the holes - lol.

  3. Love the combinations you made with Quandary!

  4. I agree with Ronnie and it does looks as if the holes in Quandary are being held down by treasury tags. That is what we call them in the UK, not sure if that is the same name in the US.

  5. Very interesting variations of Quandary. You were quite inventive. I must try some of these myself.

  6. Very different! Nice work.