Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zentangle: Two Pencil Strings

To my mind, you will NEVER run out of "strings" in Zentangle...but...sometimes you can sort of get stuck in a rut.  Same ole, same ole.  A while back, Margaret Bremner made a suggestion on her blog.  She suggested rubber banding two pencils together to make a string.  I never got around to trying it until last night.  

Now I personally have found it a little more creative (for me) to hold two pencils at a slightly different angle (with one hand at the same time) and then draw the string.  (Rather than using a rubber band.) But I'd suggest you try both ways.  

After I draw the marks...I stop and lightly redraw the parts I feel are the best parts and sometimes "erase" a line or two where something crosses or add a line to close a shape or run it off the tile.  

The three above are all two-pencils strings.  To me, they feel refreshingly "outside the box".  


  1. Very nice! I'll have to try your 'loose and at different angles' idea. I'm kind of a Type A personality and I need promptings to be a little loose!

  2. whoa, what an excellent idea. Will have to try it. Beautiful to see the outcome.