Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zentangle® Valentine for Ben

Laces, Chard, Y-Full Power, Dansk (v), Muzic, Cubine (v), Jester, Paradox, Golven (v)

Sometimes you just enjoy a Zentangle more than another one.  I found this one VERY satisfying to do. I did it in several sittings.  

It is on a 4 x 7 greeting card. When I listed the tangles I was amazed how many there were!  This is a Valentine for my grandson, Ben.   

I also tried scanning this one in instead of a photo. I have to get these Valentines into the mail pretty soon!  

Did you hear that come August there will be no more Saturday mail delivery?  Just heard it on Public Radio this morning.  Times they are a-changing.  


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