Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zentangle and a Watercolor

Quandary, Heartstrings, Bandola
I always like to try out new tangles right away to see if I like them.  
The Party's Over
Watercolor on Canvas
11 x 15

I think being at the Mt. Dora, FL  Art fair a few weeks ago put me back into a watercolor mood. This is "in progress" but I decided to show it as it moves along.

Looks like a chilly Saturday and Sunday here in central Florida but it won't last long.  Down in the 30s tonight and Sunday night!  Yikes.  I thought we were past all that!  80 for a high by Tuesday. It's really a roller coaster this winter!  

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  1. Love seeing both, your composition in the watercolor is delghtful.