Friday, February 8, 2013

Zentangle With 20 Tangles

Hypnotic, Kathy's Dilemma,Voga (v), Corn Row, Striping, Keenees, Zedbra, Diva Dance, Auraknot, Hollebaugh, Scallops (v), Chainging, Vortex, Zinger Feschu, Poke Leaf, Poke Root, Sedgling, Nekton.

I could not believe it when I counted them up...20 tangles in this ZIA.  Maybe the Diva will one day have a challenge to see how many tangles we can get on a tile?  Of course, this is NOT on a is a 4 x 6 greeting card.  

You could play "Where's Waldo?" and see if you can find them all?  

Looks to me like I am getting ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Reading Challenge (March 1).  Is this not a Seuss-like drawing? 

We are in the 80s in Central Florida right now and watching the New England blizzard is almost painful!  What a huge travel mess and so much snow and wind!  Be safe out there.  Stay home if you can!!!

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